About Us

At Xpress Portugal, we are driven by the principle that every partnership only lasts as long as we are able to provide a strong benefit to our partners.

Nearly 20 years’ experience in the tourism industry, mostly as a supplier working at several hotels, resorts and golf courses, and dealing with tour operators and travel agencies all around the world, gives us a good vision of how the relations between the partners in the travel industry should be. They should be based on good knowledge, competence, honesty and the awareness that in the travel industry there is no such thing as “beyond duty”. The duty is only fulfilled when all the details have been accomplished, and most of all – the client has been served!

Xpress Portugal has been created to provide our partners an easy and efficient way to connect the Market and the Destination, in the best interest of both. In short, a true Destination Management Company. And we would therefore be honoured from the minute that you start calling us OUR PARTNER!

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Phone: (+351) 262 180 218
Email: info@xpressportugal.com
Monday to Friday: 9.00AM to 6.00PM

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Rua Manuel Matos de Sousa, 76 – Sala 10

2500 - 857 Caldas da Rainha