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Thinking about your needs, and for each time that you organize trips to Portugal, we know that you will always need the most adequate products and services. Always at the best rate, and as quickly as possible.

Why having an agent in Portugal? Certainly you have the capacity to contract directly all the services you need, weather it might be just accommodation, or with other extras such as transfers, tee-times, meals, excursions, etc. But a specialized local partner can give you a hand in many ways. Contact us to find out how!

At Xpress Portugal, we prefer to say that we’re your partner, rather than your agent. We go beyond the simple incoming services and handling of bookings. We are passionate about the travel industry, and also about everything that Portugal has to offer. But although created out of passion, Xpress Portugal is based on hard work, knowledge, and trust. With service-minded staff, and we will go the full lenght to ensure that you get the best service, and always get the best rates.

Also, we are constantly searching for new products, and new ways to enhance the experience of all travellers to Portugal. Innovating means being the first. The first to discover a new destination, the first to design packages that no one thought before.


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